The exciting miracle of stirring Spring,
the thrill and delight when bird choirs sing.
Youthful, yearning, shoots arise,
welcoming the glorious skies.

Bathing all tender, earthly, things
Sun’s sweet majesty, on everything.
Smiling colours, of yellow and green,
crocus withstanding the cold of eve,
open, to the sun’s glorious rays.
Let us stand and be as brave.
Nature’s wiles doth manifest,
the yellow, of Forsythias flowers blest.

While Magnolia buds pierce the sky
revealing their Pink secret, shy.
Unfurling their silken creamy flowers
for the bees to drink within their bowers.

Trees stretch out their branches in a living yawn,
offering camouflage for sojourning birds at dawn.
Playful, preening, songbirds, call forth their mates,
energised and delighting in the chase
Soon Swifts and swallows will return,
to flit and slit the air in turn.

Squirrels dig for their buried treasure.
All living beings rouse to nature’s pleasure.
Breathe in the crisp fresh air of her delight,
passion in the heart, it doth incite.

~ Shared at our March 2022 Online meeting by Wendy Barzetovic

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