Our Mission Statement



1. Core aims

These are:

  •  Creating an environment for all faiths in Herefordshire to develop a united presence through peace and understanding.
  •  To be a power for good in the community, promoting harmony, justice and tolerance.

 2. The Means to Achieve These Aims within our group

Among the most important of these are:

  • to meet and to learn from one another
  • to recognise each other’s belief systems, through Art – Culture – Education and FRIENDSHIP  to build an understanding based on mutual trust and respect
  •   to share our commonalities and celebrate our differences, as we appreciate the Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural (SMSC)  diversity of each member faith.

 3. The Means to spread awareness beyond our group

In respect of each faith we agree to promote the aims of Herefordshire Interfaith Group by:

  • Promoting fellowship and understanding between organisations and individuals of faith and those with no faith.
  • Facilitating co-operation in matters of common interest
  • Working in harmony
  • Observing ethical principles in all of our activities
  • Supporting local faith-based initiatives.
  • Seeking to embody a spirit of mutual understanding
  • Being a point of support and refuge for people of all faiths Undertaking that we will not defame any other individual or organisation within Herefordshire Interfaith, in public, or through any media.

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