Spring too in the Ukraine

May dandelions push through debris,
Green and yellow
Surrounded by grey
Dust and stones.

May wild seeds scatter
In untended allotments
And gardens.

May meadows and forests
And nesting animals
Bear life,
Bear witness,
May their wombs
Be the Arc
On a sea of Devastation.

And celandines
And violets
And the snowy bloom
Of bitter sloe- May they,
Oh, may they wisper
When the land lays muted.
May they too bear witness,
Bear life,
Holding the seed
Of a new peace on earth.
Mir Miru Mir.

~ Shared at our March 2022 Online meeting by Susanne Wombacher
Mir is a Russian and Ukrainian word meaning both Peace and the Earth

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  1. This is so very beautiful Susanne, May it be so…

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