Arianrhod – goddess of the Moon

From the texts of the Mabinogi, we read of Arianrhod, ”Silver Wheel”
mythical niece of an Ancient King of Gwynedd, held to be a moon goddess.
Sacred to her are the owl, symbolising death/passing to another world,
The birch tree, associated with new life and new beginnings and the wolf,
representing the power of the moon.
She is goddess of the cycles,
the lady of the moon whose silver wheel reflects upon the sea.

I am Arianrhod Mother of wind and skies.

I am Arianrhod The stars and moon are mine.

From my home beyond the northerly wind
I am the storm that whirls And the calm inside its eye.

I am Arianrhod Lady of the silver wheel.

I am Arianrhod I bring darkness, cold and death

I am guardian of past, present and future life

I am the silver thread in the rays of light.

I am the moon goddess of Wales, The silver wheel.

Keeper of life’s cycles Of time on earth and in heaven itself.

From my celestial palace in the night sky
I oversee souls waiting to be born to these worlds,

I am here in darkest anguish and in times of radiant light.

So watch my wheel spin the moonlight For it turns for you and for your future.

~ Some words for Arianrhod taken from a song and poem
Shared at our online meeting ‘Full Moon Reflections’ June 2021

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