Action or Contemplation?

What we take in by contemplation, that we pour out in love.’ (Meister Eckhart)

Commentary by Eknath Easwaran: ‘The old dispute about the relative virtues of the active way to spiritual awareness versus the contemplative way is a spurious one. We require both. They are phases of a single rhythm like the pulsing of the heart, the in-drawing and letting go of breath, the ebb and flow of the tides. So we go deep, turn inwards in meditation to consolidate our vital energy, and then with greater love and wisdom we come out into the family, the community, the world. Without action, we lack opportunities for changing our old ways and we increase our self-will rather than lessen it; without contemplation, we lack the strength to change and are blown about by our conditioning.’

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  1. Elizabeth Muganzi

    Great article if only we can meditate upon the narrative and put it to our hearts to change ourselves from inside. To be able to see more clearly the things that draw us closer to Godliness away from our ego and material earthly things.

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