Beyond Beliefs

Our beliefs can hinder and limit our experience of what we may refer to as ‘The Divine’. By thinking that our relationship depends on our beliefs we enter that relationship with certain expectations. All who have been drawn deeply into that relationship have found invariably that their expectations have been exceeded or were false. The experience of ‘The Divine’ is one of vast emptiness and yet total wholeness. There is no room for opinions, thus, there is no conflict, it is a place of peace beyond all understanding; a place of love and joy. It is an experience that is enabled in us when we finally let go and allow it to happen. And it is the simplest of things of all – to let go. Grasping on to beliefs, doctrines, concepts, attitudes and paradigms takes enormous effort – both to hang on and defend. In the Silence of ‘The Divine’ there is nothing to defend, nothing to hang on to, nothing to hold. Instead we find ourselves held and perfectly secure. But none of this will make sense until we’ve tried it. Namaste.

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