Contemplating the Miracle of Existence

This from an early morning contemplation on 22nd November 2020:

The word ‘miracle’ comes from the Latin for ‘wonder’ and, interestingly, that arises from the same linguistic root as the word ‘to smile’. Its definition is summed up in Wikipedia as “. . . an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being, magic, a miracle worker, a saint, or a religious leader.”

How or why anything should exist is inexplicable. Therefore existence itself is a miracle. It follows that everything that arises out of existence is a miracle, which includes ‘natural and scientific laws’, for we cannot trace the source of any event back further than its happening. We may know ‘how’ (and that only mechanistically and tentatively), but we certainly don’t know ‘why’.

You are a million, billion, countless trillion miracles. Every quantum particle of every atom of every molecule of every cell in your body is the result of inexplicable and innumerable mysteries. Have you ever thought then, that everything you think, say or do is a miracle? That every movement you make is a miracle? That the influences that you have on others—for good or for bad—are all miracles?

With so many countless incidences of miracles around, it is surely not appropriate to count one miracle as having more significance than another. Certainly, we may be caused to wonder more about certain events, such as miracles of healing, than others, such as the miracle of breathing, but that’s only because, as far as our perception is concerned, one seems less common than the other. Yet, if existence itself is miraculous, then the energy to produce miracles is integral to existence and must surely be evenly distributed throughout existence.

It is said that if we keep asking ‘Why’ for long enough we will eventually reach the nub of the problem. Yet, when applied to the problem of existence, the answer will always elude us. That’s why it remains a mysterious miracle.

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